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Transformation Labs

We do consulting and advisory with a twist. We take a lab approach to help organisations & individuals take the brave steps required to innovate & change.  This means, we are led by evidence, we encourage you to experiment and we are not afraid to challenge you to break boundaries and try new things.

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Once we've found the right questions we customise a lab for you that might include:

  • Insights development
  • Tailored workshops
  • Creativity & consensus building sessions
  • Skill building and embedding
  • Strategy development
  • Leadership and board reports
  • Implementation plans

Choose your Transformation Lab

Browse our specific labs below to learn more. 

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The Strategy Lab

Developing a strategy isn’t easy. We use proven methods to identify issues and generate solutions using non-linear thinking.

The Purpose Lab​

Ensure everyone in your team or organisation not only becomes clear on the purpose, mission, vision, and values but feel personally connected to them. 

The Organisation Design Lab​

Set your organisations restructure or change up for success with a supported tools and techniques for sustainable outcomes. 

The Strategy Lab
Who is it for:



Facilitated workshops, Reports, Implementation guidelines, strategic plans.

Alignment on strategy direction, skills on consensus building and strategic planning embedded in the organisation. 

Developing strategy these days isn’t easy. We help you tackle the imminent  questions about the future of your organisation; such as:

We use proven methods to identify issues, surface dissent in a healthy way, generate innovative solutions using divergent thinking, build consensus and forge a path forward. We help you define the brave steps to take with your organisation and honestly, we make it a fun process.

The Purpose Lab
Who is it for:



Facilitated Workshops, Implementation guidelines, purpose, vision, mission, values and behaviours statement.

Team/Org Alignment on purpose, Renewed clarity & focus, clarity of meaning on values and behaviours.

There’s no better time to revisit or define your purpose, mission, vision and values than after a bumpy period. Our clients have found that connecting with the “why?” of what they do allows them to become very focused.   As we are facing prolonged periods of uncertainty – a Climate Crisis, a pandemic, technology acceleration, developing the ability to revisit and anchor around a purpose is crucial for organisations.  

Through The Purpose lab we:

With The Purpose Lab our aim is that everyone in a team or organisation not only becomes clear on the purpose, mission, vision, and values but feel personally connected to them.

The Org Design Lab
Who is it for:



Research, Surveys, Facilitated Workshops, Reports, Experiments to run, organisational change and transformation.

Organisational redesign built with the consensus of all relevant stakeholders, an openness to experiment and adapt.

Lots of things are changing; employee expectations of work, consumer sentiment about products and services and investor demands about strategic positioning. This means one thing; a need to re-design how your organisation and your people work and tackle questions such as:

We can help you change even the most embedded working practices.  We use tools from business psychology and Design Thinking to ensure you are tackling the right issues and creating unique & sustainable solutions that work for your organisation. 

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